Composing is my passion. The interaction of harmony, melody and rhythm is a huge playground that allows you to create moods, to awake and reawake emotions and simply to give a good time. That's the intention and spur of my compositions.

compositions for movies, games, commercials and bands.

My preference to create musical atmospheres including different set-ups, with real instruments as well as virtual ones, voices and my long experience in composing gives me the ideal requirements to do this.

In terms of virtual orchestral instruments, I work with the components of "orchestral tools". (Berlin Strings, First Chairs, Berlin Woodwinds, Berlin Percussion, Berlin Brass and Metropolis Ark I, Nocturner Violine and Cello)

I have contact to several good musicians which I can recorde as individual instruments at my studio.


For more informations and contact: and 079/634 66 03

this is a movie score for the final credits with orchestral tools libraries entitled "karin's theme"

light breaks through is a original from the same-named album of remo borners fusion konsortium. composed and produced by me.

now or never is a tune with other virtual instruments plus live percussion

two tracks of the album "kind of light" from lighthop (remo borner and janos knobel) 2007

more examples at the page RELEASED (especially the album "10 minutes" from lighthop)

some components in my project-studio

computer: imac 3.4 GHz 32 gb ram

daw: cubase pro 8

videosoftware: videoslave 3

audio interface: focusrite clarett 8 pre x

keyboard controller: nektar panorama p6

monitoring: adam a7x with sub 10 mk2 / naim audio high-end speakers

sample libraries and synths: orchestral tools (berlin strings main collection and exp a, b and e, orchestral string runs, first chairs, solo series, berlin woodwinds main collection and exp a and d, berlin brass + exp c, berlin percussion main collection and exp a, metropolis ark I),  soniccouture (the hammersmith pro, sc vibraphone), orange tree samples (eag steel strings, slide lap steel), kontakt 5 (mksensation, kinetic metal and more), spectrasonic (omnisphere 2)

plugins: audioease (altiverb 7), waves (h-eq, h-reverb, j37), focusrite (red 2 eq, red 3 compressor), fabfilter (pro-q 2), izotope (ozone 7 advanced)

microphones: 2 neumann km 184, 3 sennheiser md 421, sennheiser e602, e604 (3x), akg se 300b, audio-technica at 4050, shure sm57, beta 58a, beta 91

drums: lauper custom drums, dw collector series, div. paiste cymbals, div. steven snares