Trailer of the new EP "Path of life"

Trailer of the new EP "Peace" at Unit Records

Release of "Peace": 8.9.2022 at Unit Records!

two dates in the studio are booked. we will record 6 new tunes with video-production

a new homerecording-session from "a way out" is in progress!

homerecording of the new tune "blossom"

11 Türen zu anderen Welten

Zeitungsartikel in der Solothurner Zeitung vom 11.2.2021 von Sophie Deck

Finally, the new album from OREM is ready to order. Of course, you will find it at iTunes, spotify and co. If you want to support us musicians, then order the cd directly from me. Send an email or whatsapp to: / 079 634 66 03





click on the cover to get it on itunes!

orem are:

Remo Borner (comp, dr.), Nicola Bernhard (flh, trp), Jonas Beck (trb),  Andy Seidt (guit), Thierry Humbel (eb), Fabian Baur (grand piano)