released productions as musician, composer, arranger and drummer:

             Remo Borner, Andy Seidt and Thierry Humbel from the Remo Borner's Fusion Konsortium

             completed with Fabian Baur and Nicola Bernhard present as orem the new Album "Clear Vision".

             11 wonderful tunes take you to different worlds and emotions.

Debut album of Remo Borner's Fusion Konsortium: light breaks through

Featuring: Stefan Schroff (g), Andy Seidt (g), Immanuel Brockhaus (keys), Stefan Pavelka (keys), Victor Wanderley (s), Silvan Bolle (vib), Andreas "Zaani" Canzani (eb), Thierry Humbel (eb), Andi Pupato (perc), Remo Borner (dr)

Patrik Schwitter (tech, mix), Marcus Rager (cover). Compositions from Remo Borner, Stefan Schroff and Stefan Pavelka.

Me as drummer at the debut album from my musical buddy in the first place.

Debut album from Judith Zürcher. Me as drummer in the studio and live.

The second album from the chansonnier Henri Glovelier. I work with him for many years as drummer in the studio and live.

Studio-Job as drummer for Pechrima.

Studio-Job as drummer for Jack Gilbert.

Debut album from Henri Glovelier. Me as drummer in the studio and live.

lighthop "10 minutes" from 2007

A couple of songs from me and Janos Knobel as composer and drummer.

Studio-drummer for the Swiss Radio Station. Commercial bumper at "Rendez-vous am Mittag"

Debut album with my musical friend Janos Knobel with many many guest musicians.